What Are My Fees?

I will work with you in order to find and agree the funding solution that works best for you. If you would not prefer me to work on an hourly rate we can agree fixed fees for stages of the work and capped fees for each piece of work or for the entirety of the work in appropriate cases. That way you will know what your required budget will be to fund my fees and your overall legal costs.

If you prefer to instruct me on an hourly rate then I would agree to work for you at £400 per hour plus VAT in providing conduct, representation and advice for construction cases and matters and £250 per hour plus VAT for Employment cases and other types of appropriate litigation after weighing up the chances of success against your opponent in litigation , the length of time required and the complexity of the matter in the case of a business or individual transaction or matter.

I would be able to speak to you first in order to discuss fees before I undertook any work.

What type of cases are suitable for direct public access work and what is the basis of my fees?

I am permitted to accept instructions from the public and I am authorised to conduct litigation in the courts in all types of cases and matters.

This means that you can instruct me in the conduct of your construction litigation in the Technology and Construction Court of the High Court and in the County Court and in construction disputes in Adjudication or Arbitration at £400 per hour plus VAT, in the negotiation of and advice upon your construction contracts at £400 per hour plus VAT, in employment disputes and in other appropriate types of litigation at £250 per hour plus VAT.

As Direct Public Access Barrister that is authorised litigation in all courts I can conduct the case on a day to day basis as a litigator and represent you as Counsel in court as a single lawyer and advocate.

Am I Able to Advise On Funding A Case?

I have a thorough knowledge and experience of the workings of Legal Expenses Insurance cover and I can help you to find a funding solution that is suitable to you and your insurers in Employment Tribunal cases.

I have conducted many cases in Employment Tribunals for individuals who have the benefit of Legal Expenses Insurance cover and we are aware of the constraints that insurers will impose when funding a case.

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