Anthony Philpott an authorised litigator has scored a number of wins in the last two years in court and in an Arbitration, as a Direct Public Access Barrister in construction disputes. He successfully represented a Claimant builder in an Arbitration related to the construction of a house in which the Arbitrator awarded a significant sum claimed plus costs after a standard form of contract had been put in place and signed by the parties, and which contained an Arbitration clause.

In the reported case of Lane End Developments Construction -v- Kingstone Civil Engineering [2020] 1BLR Part 9 at page 599 November 2020, he conducted the litigation and he appeared as Direct Public Access Counsel as advocate for Kingstone Civil Engineering in a claim for enforcement of the Adjudicator’s decision. The Technology and Construction Court decided that this technical breach had the effect of depriving the Adjudicator from having jurisdiction to determine the dispute.

Last year in the unreported Technology and Construction Court of the High Court in Wintech Modular Projects Limited -v- Graybuild Limited HT-2021-000-262 he obtained summary judgment of a sum in excess of £50,000 awarded to my construction sub-contractor client plus interest and costs after a contested hearing.

Last year in the Plymouth County Court, in the case of Lester Corporation Limited -v- Dr Fateh Omar Rahim G01YX207, he conducted the litigation and represented a Defendant property developer client in a three day trial and helped him defeat a claim against him in connection with a multi-million pound development.  The court agreed with his submissions that a binding contract had not been made so that the breach of contract claim failed. His client was awarded indemnity costs against the Claimant company and a Director of the company.

In January of this year in an Adjudication enforcement claim of Mayo Civil Engineering Limited v Beaumont Morgan Developments Limited HT-2021-000459 that he commenced in the Technology and Construction Court of the High Court on behalf of an unpaid Building Contractor he obtained judgment for them of circa £300,000 inclusive of interest and costs.

If you have problems in getting paid by your clients, he can:

  • Advise you upon your standard and bespoke building contract terms and conditions so that you can enforce your contractual rights,
  • Endeavour to recover the amounts owed to you as efficiently and as quickly as possible to improve the cash flow of your business,
  • Maximise your chances of recovering the sums owed to you by representing you in construction Adjudication, Arbitration, Mediation and Litigation,
  • Advise and represent you in the insolvency process and proceedings,
  • Enforce in court an Adjudicator’s decision made in your favour in a cost effective  manner


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